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Getting appstore ratings are hard. I will try this approach and see how it works:

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Some times it hard to understand what apple is doing.

Why remove the bookmark row? Gives me one extra click I DON’T want! Luckily you can change it back.

”The result is a minimalist look that feels like it was taken right out of Safari on iOS 7: One bar, very little text, and everything else is the webpage itself. On a phone, minimizing the stuff around the webpage is desperately necessary. On a tablet it’s a good idea. On a 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro or a 27-inch iMac it feels a little pointless.”

”The centering of bookmarks in the Favorites Bar is also a mistake, because now when you resize a window or add or remove an item from the bar, every other item in the bar slides around. It’s easy to build up muscle memory, knowing exactly where in the browser window you can find your favorite bookmarks—but in Yosemite the Favorites Bar is all shifting sands.”

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Too hard to rate on apple appstore!

Im currently developing my own apps as a independent iOS developer. Having released two apps, one of which is both on appstore and google play, i found that android makes it so much easier for people to rate your app.

I currently have 215 ratings on my app ”Collage Collection” for android. On my apps on appstore. I have maybe 20… And I think almost all of them are either friends or collected from the site Where you gain ”1 karma” points if you rate an other developers app.

But its shitty, that they make it soo hard to rate. I will list things they should fix on Appstore:

– REMOVE LOGIN – Everytime when you rate an app you need to login. Its so annoying to add the password. I’m asking myself, do you really need to add a password TO RATE?!

– As soon as you release a new version of the app the old votes goes to a place, a touch away. Which most people probably wont bother to check.

Your rating doesnt count – As I said earlier, I’m using ”App review me” to get some reviews for my app. It works like this:

– You download someones app.

– You test it and give it a review.

– You gain a ”karma point” and someone will rate your app and you will decrease 1 in karma.

The thing is, you will download the app, test it and then probably remove it straight away, cause either you don’t like it or you don’t have enough space. But I heard that you have to keep the app on the device for a week for the appreview to count and be shown as rated in ”the current version” …

Make it easier to rate the apps, Apple!

New version of Collage collection

I just uploaded a new version of my iOS app Collage collection. I added 10 new frames and it now has support for iPad aswell! I also made some nicer photos for the app store. Hope that will bring on some more downloads.

Get it soon at:

Pexture with iPad support just got released.

I just released Pexture ver 1.1. New in this version is support for iPad. Its kind of a big process to adapt the iPad. It went fairly easy with Pexture, took me about 5 working days. But im working on Collage collection for iPad now and thats a big hustle. I will be greatful when its done. I’ve been working without autolayout… Will learn autolayout to my next app.

it looks exactly like a clown!


Look at this picture it looks exactly like a clown!

Instagram – tags for likes

Instagram - tags for likes

Just tried out the hastags on tagsforlike for my instagram image. It turned out really good and i got more likes then I’ve ever had in just a couple of minutes. The image is not the one I uploaded btw…

Tap for tap paid promotion evaluation.

So i tried tap for taps paid promotion out for my new app Pexture. The result came out pretty bad in my opinion. An install rate of 0.0002%. Definitely not worth it.


The image I use was the tft standard one for the banner and my own appwall-image. My icon isnt the best and the look of the banner isnt very self selling of the content.


Appwall image


Allmost all of the impressions where ont the banner. I will change the banner to a self-designed one and try another campaign with paid promotion.


Pexture just released

Finally, Apple approved my new app Pexture. It got released two days ago on the 10th of june 2014 after some issues uploading. Got it rejected by apple five times because it was som hassle with my provisioning profile. Still I had to wait about 7 days every time I uploaded it for a new review.

But now I’m really happy its finally up! The first day it got 22 downloads (it was not a full day) and the second day it got 277 dowloads! So i’m really happy with that. Today I tried out some promotion for it. The platforms I choose was 96apps for a cost of 6.99$ and tap for taps paid promotion with 10$ a day. I will evaluate the effects of it later on.

Skärmavbild 2014-06-12 kl. 15.57.07

Check out the 96apps link:


I also put up my app Collage Collection for iPhone and iOS there (will evaluate later)  :


More about the new app, Pexture. It is a photo app where you can put your own images in text. Have look at it at:



Jay Productions – The background

I founded Jay Productions in the summer of 2013 after getting a consultant job from a friend. The job resulted in the website . I was just finished with the first year of a 1.5 year education called ”Mobile Application Developement” on a school in Stockholm.

During that summer, I had also started working on my first real iOS project. My intentions where big, but the result yet small. But my skills as a developer where getting better and so was the app. After the summer I started my internship at one of Swedens best app companies, Monterosa ( ). 

At Monterosa i developed an app for the swedish enviromental protection agency together with one of my classmates, Cia. I also co-produced and helped out with smaller things on some other projects.

Later that fall, i released the app I had started develope that summer, Collage Collection. Which came to be my first release i made all by my self.


In this blog. You will follow my way, hopefully to some sort of success. In the app business. I will try to share as much information and statistics as possible. What ways i took. What mistakes I made. So the way for you can be smoother as a developer. Cause it is a jungle out there.