Optimizing YouTube and Google’s search algorithm

People use videos to take advantage of the traffic to attract attention to their product. Usually ranking your videos highly on YouTube is quite challenging. So what are the steps to increase your YouTube ranking? How can you get more subscribers?

Although I am still a YouTuber newbie, I would like to share some of the highly advised tips I came across online after hours of researching about the big question “How to optimize my YouTube channel?”

So YouTuber! Let’s jump right in!

Just like ASO – App Store Optimization, YouTube revolves around KEYWORDS! Search volume is important. Optimizing your video around a video keyword that is sensible and describes the content of your video, and not merely a keyword that is used to get you traffic from within YouTube, but also an extra traffic from Google is important. Apparently, that’s how YouTube algorithm works.

YouTube also pays great attention to the repetition of keywords so make sure you use the same words in your Tags! In other words, be specific with tags just add your main keywords and channel name if you had to. Some even suggest uploading the video and making sure that the file name includes nothing but those keywords. For instance, using playlist main keywords and adding the same keywords in your video description will prompt YouTube to give a little more weight to that video. In addition, uploading a transcript of your video audio word by word and repeating those keywords there is recommended. So now that you know that? What are the right keywords to use beside those that describe your content?

Google AdWords is a Keyword Tool that you can use to find the most popular keywords. It usually advised to use phrases more than words. After searching the word in Google, copy and paste it into Google AdWords and click on Broad Match Types. Check the global monthly searches between the two options of Local and Global to know which of those keywords rank locally or globally. Also, you can scroll down and find other keyword ideas depending on popularity and use those constantly to elevate your metadata. You can take Google AdWords one step further, and get more analytic by right clicking on the popular keywords and clicking n Google Insight for Search, this could tell you about the demographics from where your searches are coming from. You can also get more of a clear overview by filtering the results and limiting your search to the last 90 days.

YouTube usually rank longer video that are 5 mins or longer high on searchers. This could mean that YouTube pays a very close attention to user-experience signal and retention meaning how much of the video people watch. Therefore, uploading good quality video that is no less than 5 mins long is a very important tip to consider. How can you get people to stay long? Be precis, let our video match what you describe. A smart hack, is to add titles and time of the different parts of the videos especially if they are tutorial, so if the user clicked on the different times they can jump to that point in the video. This way you can increase efficiency for your users and in turn have them visit your channel more often

Another important tip is maximizing the amount of social indicator from one video like, Facebook likes and twitter shares. Adding annotations that drive views to complete a certain task such as following your social media account are becoming an important ranking factor for videos based on the changing Google algorithm.

Some even advice, showcasing your video and putting your subscribing button and link at the end of every video in your channel. Like shown below!

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 5.53.40 PM.png

Have call to action on the top of the description at this will appear in google and make sure that the key phrase in the description is at the top or little in the middle. Try to make your description seem a lot like a blog post to attract viewer’s attention towards watching your video.

Additionally, add URL to your landing page, it is advised for that URL to beat the top of the description, and at the bottom of the description add the video URL and Channel URL. Bottom line! Always add your links in your youtube channel like shown below:

Finally, Jay Productions channel is now testing those hacks and will keep you guys posted with the progress. So please share any innovative uses of YouTube optimization that have worked for you or questions you might have in the comments below!




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