Hacking Instagram exponential growth code by using #Hashtages!

Instagram allow users to use 30 hashtags per post so having a good amount of #Hashtags can possibly drive traffic to one’s Instagram page. However, is there a right strategy to use #Hashtags? Is using too many hashtags desperate as some say? And if not, what #Hashtags to use to stay on the top of your Instagram game?

There are different sources out there that speak about different Instagram #Hashtag tips and hacks, so I thought of sharing my own experience. Although no one knows the actual algorithms but the more interaction your posts get the more likely you are going to get exposure.

The way that Instagram uses hashtags is by linking them to the date and time of the post. So with time your post will no longer be visible at the “Top or Recent Posts.” One strategy that I recommend is not to relay on #Hashtages that die quicker! Especially if you are at the first stages of getting the exposure you want.

One strategy recommended, is by targeting a specific niche. If you find difficulty finding a specific niche go to top influencer’s profile in your niche and check the hashtag they are using and how many likes the top rated posts are getting. If they are in your range use them, if they are getting way more likes than your posts are getting in the moment don’t just focus on using them in the early stages but rather mix your #Hashtags. The reason why, is that as soon as you use that popular #Hashtag your photo will be seen by a wide range of people but also that means it will get lost down the feed a lot quicker. While with a less popular hashtag, your post could be discovered as long as it could be in the top posts.

Therefore, one can argue that as a new creator you cannot compete with photos that get 3000 likes or more. If you see a photo with 300 likes and made it to the top posts then that could be your “Epic win!” Clearly this section won’t get as much tractions but it’s all about finding those less popular hashtags that allow you to pop up in the top posts section.

For instance, for a recent post on Instagram I used #photomaps but I also used popular hashtags like #Appstore or #iOS. By using a less popular hashtag like #photomaps the Instagram post made it to the top posts and is now visible for that niche market for a longer period. Nevertheless, when used a #Hashtag like #Sketchers with more popularity the picture was only in the recent posts for a short while. Once you have consistently ranked on those niche with less or medium popularity #Hashtags for a while and been receiving a decent number of likes then you can “upgrade” to the bigger #Hashtag and see if you will rank in those #Hashtag. Although it might be a smaller audience that your posts are broadcasted to but this strategy might give you more and longer exposure.

In addition, it might be that some consider that #Hashtags like #Likeforlike #followforfollow that are not related to your post or industry get you a low quality followers and likes because they are not finding you based on what you have to offer but waiting for you to turn on the favor. Nevertheless, there is a chance that those followers might actually become a loyal follower? So why miss on that chance? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

For more interesting read, check Instagram’s useful tips about using hashtags which revolves around being relevant and observant. Click on link below:





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