Too hard to rate on apple appstore!

Im currently developing my own apps as a independent iOS developer. Having released two apps, one of which is both on appstore and google play, i found that android makes it so much easier for people to rate your app.

I currently have 215 ratings on my app ”Collage Collection” for android. On my apps on appstore. I have maybe 20… And I think almost all of them are either friends or collected from the site Where you gain ”1 karma” points if you rate an other developers app.

But its shitty, that they make it soo hard to rate. I will list things they should fix on Appstore:

– REMOVE LOGIN – Everytime when you rate an app you need to login. Its so annoying to add the password. I’m asking myself, do you really need to add a password TO RATE?!

– As soon as you release a new version of the app the old votes goes to a place, a touch away. Which most people probably wont bother to check.

Your rating doesnt count – As I said earlier, I’m using ”App review me” to get some reviews for my app. It works like this:

– You download someones app.

– You test it and give it a review.

– You gain a ”karma point” and someone will rate your app and you will decrease 1 in karma.

The thing is, you will download the app, test it and then probably remove it straight away, cause either you don’t like it or you don’t have enough space. But I heard that you have to keep the app on the device for a week for the appreview to count and be shown as rated in ”the current version” …

Make it easier to rate the apps, Apple!


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