Jay Productions – The background

I founded Jay Productions in the summer of 2013 after getting a consultant job from a friend. The job resulted in the website http://tingspoang.se . I was just finished with the first year of a 1.5 year education called ”Mobile Application Developement” on a school in Stockholm.

During that summer, I had also started working on my first real iOS project. My intentions where big, but the result yet small. But my skills as a developer where getting better and so was the app. After the summer I started my internship at one of Swedens best app companies, Monterosa ( http://monterosa.se ). 

At Monterosa i developed an app for the swedish enviromental protection agency together with one of my classmates, Cia. I also co-produced and helped out with smaller things on some other projects.

Later that fall, i released the app I had started develope that summer, Collage Collection. Which came to be my first release i made all by my self.


In this blog. You will follow my way, hopefully to some sort of success. In the app business. I will try to share as much information and statistics as possible. What ways i took. What mistakes I made. So the way for you can be smoother as a developer. Cause it is a jungle out there.


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